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martello del giudice appoggiato sulla scrivania
06 April 2024

The Court of Cassation rules on suretyship: new perspectives in light of Antitrust regulations

In the dynamic Italian legal landscape, a recent order from the Court of Cassation has shed new light on a topic as classic as it is complex: suretyship. Why not take a look at our clients’ testimonials? You’ll... » Read the article
requirements for obtaining the SOA Certification
23 March 2024

The Fundamental Requirements for Obtaining the SOA Certification

The SOA Certification, in the construction and public procurement sector, is the essential passport to participate in projects of significant economic value. This certificate allows companies to attest their ability to carry out construction sites related to public... » Read the article
New Collaboration between Italiafideiussioni and KLPP
03 March 2024

KLPP Insurance & Reinsurance Company LTD New Collaboration in the Surety Branch in Italy

Thanks to the collaboration with a distinguished Italian insurance intermediary, we are pleased to announce a new partnership that marks a significant evolution in the surety insurance sector in Italy. By collaborating with KLPP Insurance & Reinsurance Company... » Read the article
uomo che scrive la nuova procedura della verifica digitale della fideiussione bancaria
24 February 2024

Analysis of the New Procedures for Telematic Verification of Sureties in the Public Contracts Sector

Article 106 of Legislative Decree 36/2023, which introduces the new Public Contracts Code applicable from January 1, 2024, marks a significant turning point in the digitization process of sureties. With the aim of increasing efficiency, transparency, and security... » Read the article
basic requirements to participate in tender notices
17 February 2024

What are the basic requirements to participate in tender notices?

Participating in tenders offers a significant opportunity for companies that wish to expand their business through public or private contracts.  Tenders are competitive and structured processes that require participants to meet specific criteria to be considered eligible. Understanding... » Read the article
building site
10 February 2024

The Pre-Litigation Opinion No. 14 of January 10, 2024, by the National Anti-Corruption Authority: A Case of Tender in Rome

Context and Importance of the Opinion On January 10, 2024, the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) published Pre-Litigation Opinion No. 14, a document of significant relevance in the context of public procurement in Italy. This opinion focuses on a... » Read the article
The role and importance of the co-obligor in guarantees
03 February 2024

What is the difference between a guarantor and a co-obligor in guarantees?

The role and importance of the co-obligor in guarantees Guarantees are financial instruments widely used in commercial and financial transactions, where one party commits to guaranteeing the payment of a debt should the main debtor fail to do... » Read the article
palazzi in costruzione
28 January 2024

New Ministerial Directives and Procurement Code: Increased Competition and Transparency

Interpretation of the New Procurement Code and the Circular from the Ministry of Infrastructure The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, in collaboration with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, has recently published an essential interpretative circular on... » Read the article
Contracts 2024 Surety Verification, Construction Site Open
21 January 2024

Public Procurement News 2024: Verification of the Authenticity of Surety Bonds via Certified Email (PEC) – Deadline June 30

Discover the latest news on procurement: until June 30, 2024, verify the authenticity of surety bonds also via Certified Email (PEC). Stay updated with ANAC directives and available options. In a recent development in the procurement sector, ANAC... » Read the article
Insurance Guarantees for Terna SPA Contracts
13 January 2024

Insurance Guarantees for Terna SPA Contracts

Change in Project Financing: Insurance Guarantees as a Strategic Lever for Terna SPA Tender Competitions Insurance guarantees represent a type of guarantee that a company can use to participate in tender competitions, such as those organized by Terna... » Read the article
Surety Bonds for Energy Contracts
07 January 2024

Surety Policies: A Bridge for Successful Energy Contracts with Enel and Eni

Navigating the world of Enel and Eni contracts with the security of surety policies for Enel and Eni contracts In the context of contracts for large energy companies like Enel and Eni, security and guarantee are fundamental.  Here,... » Read the article
Insurance Guarantees for Trenitalia Contracts Security and Reliability in the Railway Sector
30 December 2023

Insurance Guarantees for Trenitalia Contracts: Security and Reliability in the Railway Sector

We have the Insurance Guarantee dedicated to Trenitalia public contracts, RFI, Italferr, and Grandi Stazioni. In an era characterized by intense competition in the public procurement sector, security and reliability have become crucial to ensure the correct execution... » Read the article
Decree No. 237 of 2023
23 December 2023

Revolution in Regulations for Authorized Heavy Vehicle Centers: Decree No. 237 of 2023

The 2 Mandatory Insurance Policies Simplification of Procedures and New Standards: A Step Forward for the Heavy Transport Industry and the Financial Capacity of Auto Revision Centers 2024 Do you need the Professional Liability Insurance Policy for registration... » Read the article
When a Surety Bond is Null: An In-Depth Legal Analysis
16 December 2023

When a surety bond is null: an in-depth legal analysis

A surety bond, a contract in which one party commits to guarantee the debt of another, is a crucial element in the financial and legal landscape. However, there are specific circumstances where a surety bond can be considered... » Read the article
stretta di mano
09 December 2023

Bank Guarantee: What to Know Before Signing a Bank Guarantee

A bank guarantee is a contract of guarantee where the guarantor ensures to the beneficiary the payment of the debtor’s debts in case the latter is unable or unqualified to settle what is due. But what should you... » Read the article
02 December 2023

The Role of the Extrajudicial Request in Suretyship: The Revolutionary Decision of the Milan Court of Appeal

Court of Appeal of Milan, Judgment No. 3115 of 2023, November 7, 2023 This recent decision of the Milan Court of Appeal has significantly influenced the Italian legal landscape, especially in the field of suretyship and obligations. The... » Read the article
Ten-Year Posthumous Indemnity Policy, magnifying glass on notepad
25 November 2023

Ten-Year Posthumous Indemnity Policy – Analysis of Insurance Conditions: Effectiveness, Effect, and Duration of the Guarantee

The ten-year posthumous indemnity policy is mandatory for all companies involved in construction or renovation projects of buildings associated with the Superbonus 110% scheme. It is certainly important to understand well under what conditions the ten-year posthumous insurance... » Read the article
Remedial Instruction in Italian Tender Procedures, man studies how to do it
19 November 2023

Remedial Instruction in Italian Tender Procedures: An Opportunity for Correction and Integration

Transparency and Fairness in Tender Procedures The Role of Remedial Instruction The Remedial Instruction in Italian Tender Procedures: Definition, Function, and Usage The area of tender procedures in Italy is a sector that requires attention and precision, considering... » Read the article
D&O policy insurance, businessman evaluating benefits
18 November 2023

The D&O Policy: Why It’s Important for Administrators of Orders and Colleges

How does the D&O policy protect administrators? The Directors & Officers (D&O) liability insurance policy is a type of insurance that covers the financial and legal risks associated with the decisions made by the board members, executives, and... » Read the article
foglio su una tastiera , come compilare il contrato di appalto edile
15 November 2023

Contract for building works: a guide

Guide to Drafting and Understanding Building Contract Agreements The contract for building works establishes an agreement between the client and the contractor, wherein the latter commits to executing specific building projects in exchange for a payment. This article... » Read the article


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