Financial Capability Certification for Vehicle Inspection Center

Are you opening a garage and will also handle vehicle inspections?

Have you applied for a license but need the financial capability certification for inspection centers?

What are the requirements to obtain financial capability for vehicle inspection centers?

How to obtain it

Our company quickly issues Financial Capability Certifications for inspection centers across all of Italy, including the islands.

What is the amount to be guaranteed?

The amount of the certification is €154,937.00.

The financial capability certification must be:

– No less than €51,645.70 if held by a company that ensures coverage of only one of the aforementioned activities.

– No less than €87,797.70 if held by a company that ensures coverage of two of the aforementioned activities.

– No less than €118,785.00 if held by a company that ensures coverage of three of the aforementioned activities.

How does it work? How can I get it?

Contact us via WhatsApp: +39 339 71.50.157 we respond during office hours, within 5 minutes.

Or call Tel. +39 055 28.53.13 – Tel. +39 02 667.124.17 our consultant will provide all the necessary directions.

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If you plan to open a vehicle and motorcycle inspection center, you must obtain authorization from the provincial offices of the Motorization Department by demonstrating adequate financial capability as required by DM April 6, 1995, No. 170, and there are other requirements that your company must meet to get the green light and thus operate this type of activity.

The Financial Capability Certification for vehicle inspection centers is issued according to articles 80, paragraph 8 of the New Road Code and 239, paragraph 2, letter b), of the Implementation Regulation, Road Code of Legislative Decree 285/92, which requires a financial capability certification according to art. 239 c. 2 letter b of the DPR 495

Before going into details and analyzing the figures that make up the financial capability certification for vehicle inspection centers, did you know that in Italy the number of vehicle inspection centers is continually growing?

According to some estimates reported by the quarterly “L’Osservatorio Revisioni”– DEKRA (the only Italian network of vehicle inspection centers affiliated in franchising), there were about 6,000 inspection centers in our territory as of 2009. More and more often, repair garages choose to diversify their offerings by also becoming authorized motor vehicle inspection centers.

We were saying a moment ago that a company, in order to receive the concession from the provincial offices and thus start a motor vehicle inspection center, according to the rules established by art. 80 of Legislative Decree 285/92-Road Code, must have certain requirements including the financial capability certification for inspection centers.

In other words, it must prove a certain solidity through an act of economic reliability better known as a financial capability certification through a surety issued by a bank, an insurance company, or a financial company registered in the Register art. 106 TUB with a share capital not below €2,582,284.40..

The amount of the certification is €154,937.00 but may vary if the company intending to offer a car and motorcycle inspection service has decided to form a consortium.


What documents are necessary to obtain the Financial Capability Certification for vehicle inspection centers?

It’s very simple, just a few documents are needed:

  1. Identity card and the latest tax return of the owner
  2. Chamber of commerce registration not older than 3 months.

In the case of a capital company (Ltd, Ltds, or Corp):

  1. Identity card and the latest tax return of the Administrator and the partners
  2. Chamber of commerce registration not older than 3 months.
  3. Latest filed balance sheet

(before sending the documents, it is always necessary to read the Privacy information note and give consent to the processing of personal data)


Contact us directly online for an immediate response, or call one of our nearest offices. Tel. +39 055 28.53.13 –Tel. +39 02 667.124.17

Email :

You can write to us on WhatsApp: +39 339 71.50.157 we will respond during office hours, within 5 minutes.





The financial capability certification for inspection centers is a type of contract commonly presented to public bodies, in this case, the provincial offices of the Motorization Department, tasked with assessing whether the company meets all the required criteria for authorization release.

The certification has a validity of 365 days, after one year it will no longer be considered valid so the company owner will need to renew it.

I want to give you some advice before signing the contract and paying the premium, it would be better to ask the issuing entity you chose for a draft of the certification with the estimate and show it to the provincial offices of the Motorization Department to get their approval and thus avoid any kind of problem at the time of actual delivery.

After this small precaution, you will feel more comfortable accepting the credit institution’s proposed estimate.

Now let’s see what other criteria, in addition to the financial capability certification, the company must have if it wants to obtain provincial authorization and establish a motor vehicle inspection center. Let’s start with the measurements:

  • The future inspection center must have a minimum area of 120 sqm.
  • Width of the entrance side not less than 6 mt.
  • Width of the entrance 2.50 mt.
  • Height of the entrance 3.50 mt.

Another fundamental requirement for the company is registration in the chamber of commerce in the four categories of tire dealer, electrician, mechanic, bodyworker.

Note: if the company is a consortium, it must be ensured that each company is registered in the business register in at least one of the four sections listed a few lines above and that by associating they possess all of them.

Each inspection center is expected to have a technical manager who can also be a different person from the company owner, this professional figure must always be present, must have obtained a diploma in industrial expert, surveyor or scientific maturity or a degree in engineering.

But what are all the documents to be submitted to the provincial office of the Motorization Department? There are many so pay close attention:

  • Incorporation deed and company bylaws.
  • Scaled plan of the premises.
  • Signed photocopy of the identity card.
  • Financial capability certification.
  • Simple paper self-certification of the pending charges of the technical manager and the owner
  • The technical manager will have to present a medical certificate issued by the Local Health Authority that proves his good health conditions in order to be able to practice the profession.
  • Copy of a university degree or secondary education diploma of the second degree of the technical manager.
  • Declaration of the company owner attesting the continued and exclusive presence of the technical manager within the company.
  • Environmental suitability certification to ensure hygiene and safety at work.
  • Fire prevention certification or alternatively a declaration if no more than nine vehicles are parked simultaneously in the premises of the inspection center.
  • List of equipment.


  • What amount needs to be guaranteed?

The amount to be guaranteed is fixed and is €154,937.00

  • Does the financial capability certification for inspection centers need to be renewed every year?

The regulation is clear, the certification must be demonstrated every year, but the certification certificate can be issued annually or for 3 years

  • How is it delivered?

Thanks to our digital signature, it is possible to receive the policy via PEC email and we can send it directly to the Province (Metropolitan City) or the Motorization Department

  • How is payment made?

Payment can be made by bank transfer, by postal bulletin, or by PayPal

  • How long does it take to deliver the financial capability certification for vehicle inspection centers?

Once the transfer is made, it takes a maximum of 24 hours.

  • Which companies can issue this type of Certificates?

The regulations stipulate that only financial companies and banks can issue this specific type of financial capability for vehicle inspection centers.

  • Can I view the text of the financial capability for inspection centers before paying for it?

Before signing and paying, we transmit the information note of each of our products and all the mandatory pre-contractual documentation as well as the copy of the requested Financial Capability Certification contract

  • Given the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, how can we obtain the policy without going to your offices?

The request and issuance of the financial capability certification for vehicle inspection centers can also take place remotely via email or by phone, everything can be done online and quickly through our digital signature.

  • If I am located in a region far from your offices, how can I obtain the financial capability for vehicle inspection centers?

It’s very simple, we can operate by phone or email, the financial capability certification for vehicle inspection centers can be obtained remotely, online, in real-time.






We are able to issue the Financial Capability Certification for Vehicle Inspection Centers in just 2 days from when we receive all the necessary documents.


We have an online consultation system, by phone, via WhatsApp, and by email to assist you even after you have purchased the financial capability certification. With us, you buy the product you need to provide you with a secure and complete service.


We are used to being bombarded with numerous unsolicited phone calls and advertising messages; our company firmly believes in the conscious and reserved use of data in our possession for the sole use strictly related to the request for the Certificate of Financial Capability, and we believe that this makes the difference.

With us, your personal data is safe, also thanks to our protected computer systems.


Our professionalism is manifested through our results and we invite you to read the experiences of our customers through the reviews released on Google, we are reliable, competent, flexible, consistent and credible in our profession, meeting and respecting your needs.


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