Financial Capability Certification for Driving Schools

Anyone intending to operate a driving school must demonstrate financial capability for an amount of €25,822.84, which is one of the requirements for obtaining authorization. This can be requested from their bank or a financial company.

We are direct agents of the only Italian financial institution that issues this type of certification and is registered in the register ex art. 106 T.U.B. of the Bank of Italy.

The issuance times are short, 24/48 hours, and it can also be issued to newly established companies.

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What documents are needed to obtain the Financial Capacity Certificate?

It’s quite simple; only a few documents are needed:

  • Identity card and the most recent tax return of the owner.
  • Business registry report not older than 3 months. In the case of a company:
  • Identity card and the most recent tax return of the Administrator and shareholders.
  • Business registry report not older than 3 months.
  • Most recent filed financial statement. (Before sending the documents, it is always necessary to read the Privacy Notice and give consent for the processing of personal data.)


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Mandatory Requirement

Financial Capacity Certificate for Driving Schools

The Ministerial Decree of Transport No. 317 dated May 17, 1995, requires that driving schools, at the time of submitting the application to start operations, must provide a Financial Capacity Certificate.

Failure to provide this document results in administrative penalties ranging from €10,240 to €15,360.

Subsequent non-compliance leads to the immediate closure of the driving school.


What amount needs to be guaranteed?

The amount to be guaranteed is €25,822.84.

Does the financial capacity certificate need to be renewed every year?

The regulation is clear, the certificate must be demonstrated annually, and the certification can be issued every year or every three years.

How is it delivered?

Thanks to our digital signature, it is possible to receive the policy via certified email (PEC), and we can send it directly to the Province (Metropolitan City) or to the Motor Vehicle Office.

How is payment made?

Payment can be made via bank transfer, postal order, or PayPal credit card.

How long does it take to receive the financial capacity certificate?

Once the transfer is made and the credit is received, it takes 24 hours for delivery.

Which companies can issue this type of Financial Capacity Certificate for driving schools?

The regulations are very precise; only financial companies registered in the Register 106 of the Bank of Italy T.U.B. (Unified Banking Text) and banks can issue this specific type of Financial Capacity Certificate.

Can I review the text of the Financial Capacity Certificate before paying for it?

Before signing and paying, we send the informational note of each of our products and all the mandatory pre-contractual paperwork, as well as a copy of the requested Certification contract.

Given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, how can we obtain the policy without visiting your offices?

The request and issuance of the financial capacity certificate can also be done remotely via email or phone; everything can be done online and quickly through our digital signature.

If I am in a region far from your offices, how can I obtain the Financial Capacity Certificate?

It’s very simple; we can operate by phone or email, the financial capacity certificate can be obtained remotely, online, via the Web, in real-time.

Beyond presenting the Financial Capacity Certificate, what requirements must be met to open a Driving School?

Opening a Driving School: Practical Guide

For those wanting to obtain a driver’s license, a driving school is undoubtedly an irreplaceable reference point. Overcoming the theoretical exam and learning to drive a car are significant hurdles that can be easily overcome if one is guided consciously and professionally by a well-prepared and cutting-edge team.

If you have decided to open a driving school and are unsure what is required from a regulatory standpoint, you only need to inform yourself about the necessary qualifications and abilities to realize your ambition. For specific information, it is necessary to adequately understand the “Regulation amending the discipline of the activities of driving schools and training courses and procedures for the qualification of teachers and instructors of driving schools” (14G00044) (Official Gazette General Series n.63 of 3-17-2014). This legislative measure came into force on March 1, 2014, and clarifies all the bureaucratic steps to follow to open your Driving School.

The Dream of Becoming a Driving School Instructor

The driving school instructor is the professional responsible for the entire educational activity of the Driving School, guiding the training of those who want to obtain a driving license through a dynamic, albeit very serious and detailed, training path. After obtaining the qualification as a theory teacher and/or driving instructor, they are included in the driving school’s staff to meticulously follow the preparation and training of candidates wanting to obtain their license. Additionally, the driving school instructor also handles courses aimed at recovering deducted points from the license and/or professional qualification certificates and/or CQC courses. (CQC is a mandatory certification for driving vehicles with a full load mass over 3.5 tons).

All in Order to Become a Driving School Instructor

Specifically, to open a driving school and own it, it is necessary to be of legal age, have obtained a type B license and a high school diploma. Additionally, one must not only attend the mandatory course and successfully pass the qualification exam but also meet some legal requirements. In particular, the aspiring driving school instructor, besides being of legal age, must not have any criminal convictions, nor be declared a habitual offender. Furthermore, they must have the qualification as a theory teacher and/or driving instructor, having already worked in the field for at least two years. From a financial standpoint, it is important to be able to demonstrate good resources to support one’s activity; (Financial Capacity Certificate), in addition, there is the obligation to own a car and to form a consortium, unless already owned, to have the entire vehicle fleet in order to adequately conduct the practical part of the course.

The Course and Exam to Become a Driving School Instructor

As previously announced, to become a driving school instructor, it is necessary to attend a mandatory 145-hour course. The course, normally established by a Training Center or an authorized Driving School, ends with a proficiency exam that must be passed successfully. Specifically, the exam consists of a quiz, a theoretical test, and a practical test; it is normally held at the competent Province. If the Province has not issued any announcements, the candidate may take the test in other Provinces.

How to Open a Driving School: Obligations

The management of the driving school and the assets connected to it must be exclusive and permanent. The owner of the driving school must commit to providing registered users with adequate technical equipment and essential educational/training material. The premises of the driving school must be at least 40 square meters. The initial investment is certainly costly as resources are needed for educational material and the necessary means for practical tests, thus for driving.

Where to Open a Driving School

To open a Driving School in Italy, you will need to proceed with opening a VAT number or forming a company; presenting to the provincial office a Certified Start of Activity Notification. Following this, a technician from the Province will check your structure, compiling a certificate which will give you permission to open your Driving School.

Opening a driving school can be a realizable dream for those passionate about the automotive world and wishing to share their expertise with aspiring motorists. With adequate training and constant commitment, it is possible to start and successfully manage your own driving school, contributing to the education and road safety of the local community.



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