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A provisional guarantee is an essential requirement to participate in a tender competition. This form of guarantee is increasingly requested by public administrations to ensure the actual implementation of services, works, and supplies by the company that wins the tender.

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Before we focus on sureties for tender competitions, let’s see what it is.

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What does the Provisional Surety cover?

Provisional Surety in Procurements: In submitting bids for tenders, a “provisional guarantee” equal to 2% of the base value indicated in the tender notice is required. This can be a surety or a guarantee, at the bidder’s discretion. The contracting authority may adjust the amount of the surety between 1% and 4%, depending on the nature and risk of the contract. In aggregate competitions, the guarantee is standard at 2%. For temporary business consortia, the guarantee must cover all participating companies.

Methods of Depositing the Surety: The bidder may choose to deposit the surety in cash, by bank transfer, certified checks, or public debt securities guaranteed by the State. This deposit can be made at a provincial treasury section or at authorized companies, as a pledge.

Sureties for Contractors: Contractors can choose to issue the surety guarantee through banking, insurance, or financial intermediary firms that meet solvency requirements according to the law. These firms must be subject to audit by qualified companies.

Conditions of the Guarantee: The guarantee must include specific clauses, such as waiving the benefit of the debtor’s prior execution and the operability of the guarantee within 15 days upon request from the contracting authority.

Duration of the Guarantee: The guarantee must be valid for at least 180 days from the submission of the offer, with the possibility of adjusting the term based on the duration of the procedure. The notice may require the guarantor to renew the guarantee if necessary.

Coverage of the Guarantee: The guarantee covers situations such as the non-signing of the contract after the award for reasons attributable to the awardee, including any anti-mafia information measures. The guarantee is automatically released upon signing the contract.

Obligation of Surety for the Execution of the Contract: The offer must include the commitment of a surety, different from that of the provisional guarantee, to issue a surety guarantee for the execution of the contract, as established in articles 103 and 104. The surety guarantees must conform to the standard scheme of article 103, paragraph .

The online surety insurance or provisional surety is a form of guarantee that governs the relationship of three physical or legal entities .

  • The contractor or debtor: the one who requests a loan from a credit institution. n our case, the company that wants to participate in the tender and wants to ensure to the entity the realization of the services through a surety.
  • The beneficiary: the one who benefits from the surety contract, in other words, the guaranteed party. It can be the one who provides the financing or, as in our case, the entity issuing the tender notice and who wants to ensure that the services are delivered, as specified in the tender notice.
  • The surety: the one who guarantees with their assets the extinction of the debt in case of insolvency on the part of the contractor. In our case, who is able to guarantee the economic coverage or any cost.

Provisional Sureties

With this contract, the company commits to the public entity to meet the requirements, purposes, and objectives specified in the tender. If the company wins the competition and is awarded the contract, it must also ensure an additional guarantee, thus the provisional guarantee under the procurement code becomes necessarily a definitive surety for public procurements.

If the company does not meet the obligations regarding the requirements specified in the tender or in case of award does not present the final surety contract under the procurement code, the beneficiary must be compensated by the guarantor within 15 days from the written request of the public entity.

In other words, the provisional public procurement surety issued by a credit institution as a surety is useful in the early stages of the tender to ensure the company meets all the requirements specified in the tender notice and subsequently in case of winning serves to attest the commitment of the guarantor to relaunch and subscribe to the definitive grace for the start of the works.

What are the Regulatory References related to the Provisional Surety?

In the new Italian Public Contracts Code (Legislative Decree 36/2023), articles 53, 106, and 117 establish two different disciplines for provisional and definitive guarantees, differentiating them based on whether the procurement procedures are below or above the EU threshold:

  1. Procedures Below the EU Threshold (Art. 53): In these procedures, a provisional guarantee is generally not required unless there are specific needs. If requested, the guarantee cannot exceed 1% of the contract amount. The definitive guarantee is normally required and is equal to 5% of the contract amount, but may be omitted in specifically motivated cases​​.
  2. Procedures Above the EU Threshold (Art. 106 and 117): These articles regulate the forms of guarantee for larger-scale procedures. Legislative Decree 36/2023 stipulates that the surety is limited to providing cash as a pledge, while the surety must be digitally issued and signed. It also details the calculation of the provisional guarantee and the conditions for its reduction. Article 117 establishes the consequences in case of non-compliance and the possibility of revoking the award or executing the provisional guarantee​​.

These provisions reflect a differentiated approach depending on the size of the procurements, trying to balance the need for security for the contracting authority with the burden on economic operators.

The European thresholds for public procurement in Italy, according to art. 14 of Legislative Decree 36/2023, 36/2023, were modified in 2023 and are as follows:

  1. For public works contracts:
    • Euro 5.382.000.
  2. For public service supply contracts and public design competitions:
    • Euro 431.000 generally.
    • Euro 140,000 for public service supply contracts and public design competitions awarded by contracting authorities that are central government authorities listed in Annex I to Directive 2014/24/EU.
  3. For social and similar services contracts:
    • Euro 750,000 for contracts listed in Annex XIV to Directive 2014/24/EU​.

What documents are needed to obtain a provisional surety for procurements?

To apply for a provisional surety for public procurements, you must have the following documentation:

  • Tender notice
  • Tender specifications
  • Chamber of Commerce certificate of the company
  • Latest Filed Financial Statement
  • Administrator’s document

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