Insurance Surety for Public Contracts

Our company specializes in providing insurance surety for every type of public contract, including provisional surety, final surety, and online insurance surety for advances on public contracts for Italian companies, both in Italy and in Europe.

We offer the C.A.R. Public Contracts ALL RISK policy and the Decennial Posthumous policy in real-time, all online, with certified digital signature.

However, there are complex public contracts: Trenitalia tenders, CONSIP, RFI, Grandi Stazioni, Anas, Enel, and also Online Insurance Surety for Project Financing. Are you looking for a surety policy for one of these contracting stations?

We have the solution you’ve been looking for. For several years, we have been providing the provisional surety and then the final surety for TRENITALIA contracts in a short amount of time.

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We have an innovative mode of operation for online insurance sureties that allows the company to print the provisional policy directly in their office with a digital signature.

Our Online Insurance Surety for public contracts is easy, simple, and fast.

We entrust the company that needs to participate in a public tender in less than 24 hours.

We operate online, in real-time, across all Italian territory, including the islands. For any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to call us, you can also write to us to receive an immediate response,

You can write to us via WhatsApp: +39 339 715 01 57

But we offer dedicated phone attention, call: Tel. +39 02 667.124.17 or send an email:

We provide: 1. real-time assistance and help thanks to our professionals, 2. answers to all your questions and doubts, 3. 3. advice for the best public contract surety suited to your needs.

The participant in a public tender must present a surety guarantee called Provisional Surety or Provisional Guarantee, generally equal to 2% of the tender amount.I

Once they win the tender, they must present to the contracting station a second guarantee, in the form of a surety or bond, called Final Surety, in an amount equal to 10% of the contract value.

Finally, the winning bidder also needs to issue to the contracting station a guarantee for the contractual advance, whenever they request an advance on the contract works; this guarantee is called Surety for Advance.

These are our types of guarantees for Public Contracts: