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Are you planning to start a business but don’t have the necessary funds to cover all expenses?

Have you won an AGEA tender? Do you own a winery and have won an AGEA OCM tender?

Do you need a quick solution that can provide you with the necessary liquidity to get started without having to repay the money?

Non-Repayable Funding

Non-repayable funding consists of sums of money generally provided by public entities, which can be regional, national, or European. These funds aid the development of new businesses or the survival of existing businesses that can somehow add value to their environment.

True to the name, non-repayable funding does not have to be repaid and does not involve any interest.


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Non-repayable grants are awarded to entrepreneurs who apply to cover costs of starting or consolidating a business. For instance, these funds may enable the purchase of machinery, staff training, rental of premises, and electricity connections.

Categories that can more easily access these funds usually include young people aged 18 to 35 and the unemployed. Women are also favored to encourage female entrepreneurship. To obtain funding, the application must be accompanied by the business’s business plan.

The business project, whether established or under establishment, will be reviewed by a judging committee tasked with verifying that all parameters are met and that the business indeed represents added value for the territory.

The economic coverage of this type of funding cannot cover the entire project proposed by the entrepreneur but only partially. The percentage varies depending on the issuing body and the laws in force, and the duration generally ranges from 12 to 36 months.

A business that secures a public grant to obtain an advance must present a guarantee to the issuing body to ensure repayment if the project is not completed.

Guarantees for Non-Repayable Financing

It’s time to better protect your business. Businesses that apply can obtain an advance on the first awarded quota by presenting an Insurance Guarantee that ensures the completion of the approved works.

The issuing entity is thus protected from a possible negative outcome of the business, allowing the entity to choose your project more calmly.

How many are involved in this guarantee formula? The insurance guarantee involves the participation of three parties:

  • The company that has requested the grant and wishes to benefit from it.
  • The beneficiary, i.e., the state or regional entity that issues the grant.
  • A guarantor, namely the company authorized by law to issue the guarantee contract.


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Entities that Issue Non-Repayable Public Grants in the Agriculture Sector Alone Include:

  • AGEA (Agency for Agricultural Payments)
  • EAFRD (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development)
  • EAGF (European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund)
  • ARTEA for the Tuscany Region;
  • AGREA for the Emilia-Romagna Region;
  • AVEPA for the Veneto Region;
  • ARCEA for the Calabria Region;
  • ARPEA for the Piedmont Region;
  • SAISA – Customs Agency – for export refunds;
  • National Rice Authority for rice;
  • Lombardy Region Agriculture for the Lombardy Region;
  • Autonomous Province of Bolzano – South Tyrol;
  • APPAG Trento;
  • AGEA for all regions that have not established their own Paying Agency and for all other functions not assigned to other Paying Agencies.

Anticipated Sectors for AGEA Non-Repayable Funding Releases?

The contributions are numerous, amounting to several billion Euros, and are awarded annually to thousands of companies. These include POR grants:Regional Organizational Program, to finance investment programs related to the start of new productive activities, to enhance research activities or to contribute to the conduct of training and requalification courses. There are also ERDF Contributions: European Regional Development Funds.

MIUR Contributions: These are funds dedicated to the Ministry of Education, University, and Research.

There are contributions for the purchase or updating of capital goods, for high-energy-consuming companies, also known as Energy-Intensive, for tenders issued by INAIL on workplace safety, for youth enterprises, to encourage web access, to encourage the establishment of businesses by young unemployed individuals, to promote female entrepreneurship, and for students who win scholarships (Sicilia futuro, Ritorno al futuro, Bollenti spiriti), for youth creativity, to encourage industrial research, for tax credit for hiring disadvantaged workers, for hiring a young apprentice, also known as the AMVA project, Italia Lavoro, Botteghe e Mestieri – Continuous Enterprise.

There are contributions for businesses damaged by flooding or earthquakes.

Contributions for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, provided by FINLOMBARDA or Finpiemonte or other regional concessionaires.

Funds for businesses that have difficulty accessing bank credit.

There is the PON contribution: National Operational Program “Research and Competitiveness,” which is divided into a project called Primi Passi, divided into Smart or Start.

Funds for couples who purchase a home and have difficulty accessing a mortgage.

There are non-repayable contributions for agriculture, AGEA, Argea, Artea, and similar, including FEAGA (European Agricultural Guarantee Fund) and EAFRD (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development).

Contributions to encourage investments in the trade sector, Funds for FSE Microcredit, the new Sabatini for the purchase of capital goods, POIC: Municipal Entrepreneurship Operational Projects.

Contributions called “Lunga Estate” to encourage seasonal tourist enterprises that employ seasonal workers at other facilities within the same region.

ZFU contributions, for companies located in the Urban Free Zone. Contributions for fairs and missions abroad, for home renovation, for photovoltaic and alternative energies.

Here is a summary list of various types of contributions:

  • MIUR: Ministry of Education, University, and Research
  • POR: Regional Organizational Program
  • PON: National Operational Program
  • AMVA: Italia Lavoro, non-repayable funding for hiring apprentices
  • EAFRD: European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
  • AGEA: Agency for Agricultural Payments
  • ARGEA: Regional Agency for Agricultural Support
  • PSO, MICRO CREDIT, Regional Funding, European Funding, female entrepreneurship, Structural Funds, POP, PIT, GAL, youth entrepreneurship


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