Professional Liability and Civil Responsibility Policy

Professional Civil Liability: Professional RC products for all professions

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI – Professional Civil Liability) is a fundamental form of insurance to protect professionals and companies offering professional services from potential financial losses due to errors or omissions. In an era of increasing legal disputes, no professional is completely safe from the risk of client dissatisfaction and resulting legal actions.

Main Features:

  • Coverage for third-party financial losses caused by negligence, professional errors/omissions.
  • Inclusion of wrongful acts, actual or alleged, committed in the performance of activities.
  • Protection against various risks, such as business interruption, malicious acts by employees and associates, slander and defamation, privacy breach, and intellectual property violations (excluding patents).

Detailed Coverage:

  1. Negligence and errors/omissions (Articles 1173 and following C.C. “General Obligations”).
  2. Service interruption and third-party financial damages.
  3. Malicious acts of employees and associates.
  4. Slander, defamation, privacy violation.
  5. Copyright and trademark infringement.
  6. Fiscal sanctions, fines, and penalties to clients.
  7. Loss, destruction, or deterioration of documents up to €150,000 per claim.
  8. Automatic insurance in case of acquisitions (up to 5% of gross revenues).
  9. Compensation for court appearances.

Warranty Extensions:

  • Syndicate assignments (for Lawyers and Accountants).
  • Heavy visa (for Accountants).
  • RCT/O.

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In 2012, with the introduction of legislation that required all professionals to have professional liability (RC) insurance, there was a significant change in the sector. This reform was widely welcomed as an important step forward by both the professionals themselves and their clients or patients, offering them greater protection.

However, over the years, various significant cases have tested the system, including the insurance and legislative sectors, with particular reference to the rules relating to Professional Liability. This has led to an increase in civil lawsuits and more complex bureaucratic processes. As a result, legislation has begun to intervene on this relatively recent law with new regulations and reforms to clarify and more effectively regulate the industry rules.

Professional RC Insurance: Definition and Coverage

Professional RC insurance is a type of insurance that protects professional offices or self-employed workers from damages caused to third parties during the exercise of their professional activity. This policy covers a wide range of damages, including material, non-material, indirect, permanent, temporary, and future damages that may be caused unintentionally due to negligence, imprudence, or lack of skill. offers a range of insurance policies customized for specific professional activities. These policies are designed to protect professionals from unintentional damages caused to their clients and from other unforeseen events that may occur within the professional studio.

Costs, Integrated Policies, and Training Meetings collaborates with top international insurance companies to offer comprehensive insurance solutions that not only cover the professional sphere but also protect private life, assets, and family from potential repercussions related to professional activity. For more information on costs, integrated policies, and training meetings, you can directly contact our company.

Contact us directly online to receive a real-time quote, call one of our nearest offices: Tel. +39 055 49.32.199 – Tel. +39 02 667.124.17


You can also contact us via: WhatsApp: +39 366 2097030

send a message we will respond during office hours, within 5 minutes.

“Why not take a look at our clients’ testimonials? You’ll be surprised to see how effective we have been in meeting their needs.”


2012 Legislation

From 2013, the conclusion of this policy becomes mandatory for all categories, including doctors.

Art. 5 D.P.R. 137/2012 – Insurance Obligation

  • 1. The professional is required to take out, also through collective agreements negotiated by national councils and professional welfare institutions, suitable insurance for damages to the client resulting from the exercise of the professional activity, including the custody of documents and values received from the client. The professional must make known to the client, at the time of taking on the assignment, the details of the professional policy, the related cap, and any subsequent changes.
  • 2.Violation of the provision of paragraph 1 constitutes a disciplinary offense.
  • 3. In order to facilitate the negotiation of the collective agreements referred to in paragraph 1, the insurance obligation of this article takes effect twelve months after the entry into force of this decree.

The remuneration of the surety is paid in the form of a “premium” in money. Although it is an additional cost for the freelance professional, the government has enacted this law to facilitate the smooth conduct of the profession, protecting both the client and the professional.

In fact, the professional liability insurance policy represents the definitive link between the client and the professional, free to practice their profession, aware of the financial coverage contracted.

Professional RC Insurance for Hauliers

Unique in Italy to have this product, we are able to issue professional RC insurance policies to demonstrate the Financial Capacity for registration in the Register of Hauliers according to the regulations in force since 2012. The Policy reflects both the Decree of 25/11/2011 and the Circular of the Ministry of Transport No. 11551 of 11/05/2012.

Professional RC Insurance

List of Professional Categories we successfully cover:

  • Public and private healthcare professionals and operators
  • Invasive surgeons
  • OAM financial agents
  • OAM credit mediators
  • Insurance surveyors
  • Insurance brokers
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Insurance agents
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Labor consultants and auditors
  • Property administrators
  • Architects
  • Engineers and Building Surveyors
  • Agronomists and Foresters
  • Biologists
  • Disciplinary board presidents

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